First Impressions: Qi Charging / IKEA Nordmärke

Coincidently, my son is also always 100% Charged.

Coincidently, my son is also always 100% Charged.

Now that I have a Qi compatible phone, I grabbed a couple of these Nordmärke charges from IKEA. So far, I'm a huge fan of Qi charging. The ability to have my phone ambiently charging while laying on my desk all day is so nice. The Nordmärke are reasonably priced at around $14. The materials won't trick you into thinking it's nicer than it is, and I've found that it's thickness is my only complaint as far as the build construction.

The landing area for Qi engagement seems quite sizable, I can't remember a time where I laid the phone down and it didn't charge. Unfortunately, I don't have any comments on whether phones will walk off the charger. This is becuase my phone is always in silent with vibrate turned off - my Apple Watch takes over this responsibility.

Overall, I will be reccommending Qi chargers to anyone who asks, and I wouldn't hesistate in suggesting you check out the Nordmärke for a cheap lower power Qi charger.


- Reasonably priced

Around $14 at my local IKEA.

- Large charging target

Laying the phone down on the pad is certain to engage charging, you won't need to worry about precise placement.


- Thick

I wish it weren't quite as thick. A thinner puck would make the phone look less precarious and blend into the desk better. Though a lower height might make it easier to miss the charging target.

- Doesn't support faster 7.5W charging specs

More expensive Qi chargers now support faster 7.5W charging, though I'm not surprised this lower priced one doesn't.



Well, that went fast.

Two Thousand Sixteen

2016 is a difficult year for me to digest.

Personally, it's been one of the most amazing, transformative yet. I started a great job earlier this year and in July my wife and I welcomed our first child, Jesse Davis Flanders, to the world. Watching him grow up has been an hour-by-hour adventure that has given me an entirely new perspective and appreciation for my parents. Working from home has been one of the greatest perks of my job, allowing me the oppurtunity to see fleeting moments otherwise missed.

However, the World lost a seemingly unprecidented number of celebrities, personalities and other impactful individuals. America now faces a new Presidency that brings uncertainty, chaos and soul searching for many.

Goodbye and thanks for everything

Vigoda, Frey, Gruber Rickman, Shandling, Emerson, Prince, Bowie, Summitt, Yelchin, Ali, Palmer, Henderson, Cohen, Thicke, Sager, Glenn, and hundreds of others.




Damn you, 2016

RIP George Michael and Carrie Fisher.

“The best selling Pro notebook lineup”

I'm pretty tired of hearing that the 2016 MacBook Pro lineup is "the best selling Pro notebook lineup ever" on blogs and news articles. The actual quote given during an interview with The Independent was,

... our online store has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before.
— Phil Schiller

Let's ignore the qualifier of "online store" for now, and focus on the idea that these are the best selling "pro notebooks" that Apple has made.


The MacBook Pro lineup has previously included 2 different machines, a 13" with a lower wattage (28W) CPU and no discrete GPU option and a 15" with a higher wattage (45W) CPU with 2 more cores, and an optional discrete GPU. The new lineup continues on largely in this same tradition, only trading the optional discrete GPU for one that's non-optional.


Now, they've also tossed (what I believe to be) the MacBook Air successor into the MacBook Pro lineup. The MacBook Air has always used the even lower power Intel CPU size class (15W). This is what originally allowed Apple to slim the machine down and then later, still deliver solid battery life. The new 13" MacBook Pro (non TouchBar) uses the same 15w class chip and is now faster, thinner (on average), narrower, shorter, and within a breath of being the same weight as the legacy 13" MacBook Air. It's clear to me that this machine is the MacBook Air in all but name, and if the MacBook Pro (non TouchBar) were $500 cheaper, I reckon Apple would've discontinued the MacBook Air instead of keeping it around.

Here's why it's the best selling lineup of all time

So, we have a new MacBook Pro lineup that spans 3 Intel CPU performance classes and groups together the 2 highest selling Apple notebook model lineups. Our new lineup is:

  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016, Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

Are you seeing where I'm going with this yet?

Let's say BMW waited for 2 standard model refreshes to update the M3. When they did refresh, they decided to label all models in the 3 series lineup "M3". Now the M3 is a lineup of vehicles:

  • M3 (2.0l turbo engine)
  • M3 (2.0l turbo engine, all wheel drive)
  • M3 (2.0l turbo engine, all wheel drive, station wagon)
  • M3 (3.0l turbo engine)
  • M3 (3.0l turbo engine, all wheel drive)
  • M3 (3.0l high output turbo engine)

In rebuttal to press about a "dissapointing M3 refresh", BMW says that they are seeing the "highest sales of any M series in it's history". Does this accuractly reflect the state of the M3? Of course not.