Things Rands knows about watches


  • A good watch is passed on from generation to generation.
  • Watches have never been about communication, but we’ve kind’a always wanted them to be, but I won’t be talking to my wrist. Maybe.

Agreed on both. From legendary Patek to the Dick Tracy communicator.


Game changer


Not worrying about battery life on an iPhone again is life changing (in the most first-world problem sort of way). With my 5S, I was constantly worrying about it, always trying to time the last charge cycle with the night's activities.

I'd planned on abusing the no-restocking fee return period to try it, dead set on returning the 6 Plus as soon as I found a 6 in stock. But after only a couple of days, the battery life alone has sold me. The other benefits are just icing on the cake. Sure, there are a couple of downsides, I'll get into those soon enough when I write an actual impression/review of this. For now, I think the upside has far outweighed the bad.


Full Time, Fine Artist

For the foreseeable future, photography will become my creative outlet where I produce, exclusively, personal projects. My "Kansas is Not Just a Fly Over State" project is alive and well, and I'll still be shooting high production photographs - just not as a full time job. I'll be using my talents and equipment to make the photographs I want to make for me, when I have the time and drive to do so.

Thanks to all of my supporters this year as I explored photography as my career; however, I was given an amazing oppurtunity that I just couldn't pass up. More on that here soon!

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