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Two Thousand Sixteen

2016 is a difficult year for me to digest.

Personally, it's been one of the most amazing, transformative yet. I started a great job earlier this year and in July my wife and I welcomed our first child, Jesse Davis Flanders, to the world. Watching him grow up has been an hour-by-hour adventure that has given me an entirely new perspective and appreciation for my parents. Working from home has been one of the greatest perks of my job, allowing me the oppurtunity to see fleeting moments otherwise missed.

However, the World lost a seemingly unprecidented number of celebrities, personalities and other impactful individuals. America now faces a new Presidency that brings uncertainty, chaos and soul searching for many.

Goodbye and thanks for everything

Vigoda, Frey, Gruber Rickman, Shandling, Emerson, Prince, Bowie, Summitt, Yelchin, Ali, Palmer, Henderson, Cohen, Thicke, Sager, Glenn, and hundreds of others.




Damn you, 2016

RIP George Michael and Carrie Fisher.

Jesse Davis Flanders

Jesse Davis Flanders

After only 8 hours of labor, Meghan gave birth to our first child on July 26th at noon. He measured 21" tall, weighed 8lbs 5oz and instantly melted our hearts. It's difficult to explain how incredible the experience was, Meghan was amazing throughout and impressed everyone.

Uncle Colin

The last 9 months have flown by and now he's here. When we were building the nursery this all seemed so far away. The days leading up to his birth, it was so hard to imagine what it would be like. It's weird to say that we have a son now.

We welcome Jesse into our young family as both of our parents' first grandchild and the first great grandchild in Meghan's extended family. We chose a pair of family names, Jesse from the Flanders - from both my great uncle and great grandfather - and Davis from Meghan's family - most recently as her brother Con's middle name.

The first week flew by with less sleep than we need, more worrying than we should, and so much help and love from everyone. The grandparents are all glowing and already bragging on him, and my brother, Uncle Colin, is possibly the most excited of us all!

Now that he's here, we get to work, learn, make mistakes and have fun raising our little boy.

Getting our first christmas tree

Meghan, Mac and I went with the family on our traditional Christmas Tree hunt. This year it was pretty cold out and I'm not sure Mac got to ride in the coat for his benefit or to keep Meghan warm.

Either way, we got a beautiful tree for our first real Christmas as a married, home owning family.

Welcome home

Welcome home

Nikon Df (f/1.8, 1/30, ISO 12800), lit by dim iPhone screen

After months of discussion, Meghan and I brought home a litte dude to share the house with tonight. Apparently we can't call him "Toby", so watch this space for his official name 😄

Things Rands knows about watches


  • A good watch is passed on from generation to generation.
  • Watches have never been about communication, but we’ve kind’a always wanted them to be, but I won’t be talking to my wrist. Maybe.

Agreed on both. From legendary Patek to the Dick Tracy communicator.