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Meghan Walsh

Getting our first christmas tree

Meghan, Mac and I went with the family on our traditional Christmas Tree hunt. This year it was pretty cold out and I'm not sure Mac got to ride in the coat for his benefit or to keep Meghan warm.

Either way, we got a beautiful tree for our first real Christmas as a married, home owning family.


Iced Latte

I talked Meghan into letting me try out portrait photography with her. It was my first time trying out strobist techniques outdoors, and the first time I've done a "portrait shoot". It was fun, I was able to try out a gelled bare flash for a sunset look, a couple different setups with a shoot through and a few with a larger bounce umbrella.

This image was taken on my D7000 with my Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 (f/3.2, 1/250th, ISO 100). My Nikon SB-700 was set around 1/16th power in a 43" Westscott shoot through convertible (shoot through mode). It was above, camera right around 3' from Meghan, slightly in front of her.