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Writer Pro

Wow, a fantastic update. If I start writing long form essays more often (as much as I tell myself I’d like to), this is an instant buy. The interface has always been one to drool over, but the new Edit interface with syntax highlighting and styling options has me the most excited.

The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android

By January 2007, they’d all worked sixty-to-eighty-hour weeks for fifteen months—some for more than two years—writing and testing code, negotiating soft­ware licenses, and flying all over the world to find the right parts, suppliers, and manufacturers. They had been working with proto­types for six months and had planned a launch by the end of the year . . . until Jobs took the stage to unveil the iPhone. 

Reversible USB type-C and Lightning

Jon makes some great points here.

In my perfect scenario, Apple helps the USB IF develop the Type-C connector to be a subset of the Lightning connector. That way you could plug in a Lightning cable and get USB data to flow through it, and when plugged into an iOS device, you get all the features of Lightning.

Don’t count on this happening, ever.