Chapter 1: Gove County

Chapter 2: Grinter Farms

Now that Camron has returned home, he’s setting out to document the hidden treasures & the unique beauty that Kansas has to offer. Through his research, he’s already surprised Kansas natives who didn’t know these places were, at most, just a few hours from home.



Living in Florida, Camron was exposed to many species of birds that he didn't have access to before. Through research and observation, he was able to learn how to interact and approach these beautiful animals in order to photograph them in action.



The first time Camron picked up a macro lens, he was enthralled at how much detail the world contains that we don't get to appreciate on a daily basis. Spending time with macro photography, Camron became obsessed with the colors and shapes that Mother Nature contains even more than the specific details. Through this project, he's aiming to express nature's beauty through shapes and color above all, with small parts of the object highlighted through shallow depth of field and selective focus. In the end, the overall feeling and mood of the photo is more important than recognizing the subject.