Chapter 1: Monument Rocks

I ventured out West to start my new project, "Not Just a Fly Over State". I want to highlight parts of my home state that even long time Kansans haven't seen. First up was the large chalk and limestone formations found south of Oakley, KS known as Monument Rocks, or "The Chalk Pyramids". More about these incredible formations soon.


Chapter 2: Grinter Farms

My travels around Kansas don't always need to take hours to get to from Lawrence. Chapter 2 is about Grinter Farms, a row crop farm between Lawrence and Tongonoxie that grows sunflowers after the row crops are harvested. Each September the hills turn bright yellow when the majority of the sunflowers bloom together. This is an incredible, short-lived sight that I cannot believe took me 30 years to hear about when it's only 15-20 minutes away from where I've lived most of my life.